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all that stuff about myspace? well, lets see 7 rape/molestation accounts in middletown, which is pretty damn close to here, so what does that tell you?

just watched a documentary about the stuff thats been happening with internet predators, and its pretty damn scary. Dateline set up a bunch of false accounts to try to catch internet predators on myspace and other sites, and while it is just a misdemeanor to talk to an underaged kid about sex, if they show up at a house to fufill their conversation it is a felony.
in the course of three days they caught 50 men.
only men mind you, but they were coming after talking to who they thought was a 13 or so year old boy OR girl.
its not just girls who are at risk here.

please, get out of the myspace website or at least take down pictures of yourself that you have posted and ALL personal information that may be up- names, addresses, anything. people in our community are looking for kids they know on myspace to protect them, and if you're on without parental knowledge now might be a good time to get off.
please please please this is a request from a friend, so protect yourself and remove personal info from the web.

dateline will be reprising their documentary so check listings and watch it.

the more people that know about this the safer they will be so please pass this around. if you have a myspace put this up there so people there will see it.
and if you don't believe this go to google and check out the results for yourself.
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