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..cowtownteen.. thats me.

Name: Megan Michelle
State: kentucky. the very worst.
Do you like your cowtown or not? Why: i actually like my little town. we have horses and i live in B.F.E. my town is really small.. but i live in the county.. so our school has all these county kids so i have a big town.. but alot of us live 30 or even 45 minutes away from eachother.. but i love it here anyway.. im a country girl.. and theres always somethin to do :)
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hey hey another country girl!
we aren't THAT spread out, but it can get kinda quiet around here...of course, when you want to sleep (now) it is very good! but sometimes you get bored and do really strange running up and down main street in costumes...hehehe right caro?
anywho, yeah, its ok...

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WEE! Another cowtown teen!